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The Cloud Accounting Co was created to make life easier for businesses to manage their finances. Its a constantly evolving process and one which we are working on on a regular, almost constant basis. That's why we created Cloud and that's why we write this blog.

Over the weeks to come, we'll be sharing with you tips, advice, news and views that we've learned, and continue to learn. By sharing this information here we hope to make your lives easier and allow you to concentrate and what you do best - running your business. 

Hope you find the posts interesting. We're constantly looking for feedback so please use the contact page if you have any suggestions for improvements or future topics. 

Business Owners Warned Over Social Media Snooping

4 Sep 2014

Business owners are being warned to be careful how they use social media to promote their business. HMRC are watching. We've heard anecdotally about a couple of instances where business owners came unstuck:

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Investing in property? An SPV could work for you

21 Aug 2014

So you’ve accumulated a decent sum of money in the company reserves and you’d like to invest in property with it, but to do it very tax efficiently. Could a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) be the answer?

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Why I Joined The Chamber Of Commerce

5 Mar 2014

I've been in business in various forms for near enough twenty years but I've never found it necessary or even appealing to join a business association ro networking group. I had always found them to be introspective, cumbersome and self-serving and of aboslutely zero relevance to a modern accountancy business such as I was trying to run. That all changed this week though when I met with the Business Development Executive for Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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SSP reforms could close small businesses

4 Mar 2014

The changes - which are due to come into effect on 6th April 2014 - will mean that businesses will no longer be able to recover statutory sick pay from HMRC. Currently most SMEs would be able to recover SSP paid through the PAYE system but under the new system, this will no longer be possible.

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We're hiring again - admin superstar required

24 Jan 2014

We’re looking for an administration superstar to work with us at our Grangemouth office. Demand for our services is growing rapidly and we need an administrator to assist the fulfilment team in delivering accounting and tax solutions to our expanding portfolio of clients across our two brands, The Cloud Accounting Co and BroomeAffinity.

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Is Your Accountant Failing You?

7 Jan 2014

January is typically a busy time of year for accountants. To a degree this is understandable. The self assessment filing deadline is 31st January. But the question is, is it acceptable for an accountant to run his or her business this way? Don’t their clients deserve better? We certainly think so.

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Cloud Accounting to launch year end only service

18 Nov 2013

Recognising that many business owners enjoy maintaining close financial control of their business on their own and therefore have little or no need for ongoing support throughout the year, we have launched our “Year End Only” service.

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Recognising the value of professional advice

29 Sep 2013

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had a couple of small start-ups decide not to take up our services because they did not want to spend £99 per month on accounting services. This is wrong. If you decide you don’t want to deal with us because you don’t like the cut of our gib or because our services aren’t right that’s fine.

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Company supported childcare

23 Sep 2013

It’s possible for your company to contribute towards your childcare costs and this can be a tax-efficient addition to your remuneration strategy. If you have childcare costs, your contracting company is able to contribute towards these costs either by setting up a childcare voucher scheme or by having a direct arrangement with the childcare provider. We think that a childcare voucher is admin heavy and can be expensive to run so we recommend that

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Can the tax man help pay for your life cover?

17 Sep 2013

If you’re a company director and you have life cover to protect your family, you could be paying more tax than you need to. Relevant life policies are a way of providing death-in-service benefits on an individual basis no matter how small your business is.

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