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The Cloud Accounting Co was created to make life easier for businesses to manage their finances. Its a constantly evolving process and one which we are working on on a regular, almost constant basis. That's why we created Cloud and that's why we write this blog.

Over the weeks to come, we'll be sharing with you tips, advice, news and views that we've learned, and continue to learn. By sharing this information here we hope to make your lives easier and allow you to concentrate and what you do best - running your business. 

Hope you find the posts interesting. We're constantly looking for feedback so please use the contact page if you have any suggestions for improvements or future topics. 

Its All Gone a Bit DFS Round Here

16 Sep 2013

To mark the launch of our business, we're offering free accounting and support services until 2014.

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Doing Business the Cloud Accounting Way

6 Sep 2013

We threw out the accountant's rule book when we started The Cloud Accounting Co. Here's how.

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Cash is King

2 Sep 2013

Cash is King? You better believe it. I’m a small business owner and an accountant. So I’ve seen the inside of many an SME. Here’s the single most important thing I’ve learned: As a leader of a business, especially a small business, your main role, almost your only role, is to ensure the positive cash flow of the business.

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