Why I Joined The Chamber Of Commerce

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5 Mar 2014

I've been in business in various forms for near enough twenty years but I've never found it necessary or even appealing to join a business association or networking group. I had always found them to be introspective, cumbersome and self-serving and of aboslutely zero relevance to a modern accountancy business such as I was trying to run. That all changed this week though when I met with the Business Development Executive for Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce, Dorothy Henke.

The Chamber of Commerce is no longer an old boys' lunch club but a vibrant network of businesses led by a genuinely forward thinking executive team. The Chamber gets their message out via their website and their twitter feed (@forthvalleych) and throughthis there is an excellent source of local and national business news. Members can benefit from specially discounted rates on merchant services, insurance etc and have access to free legal and HR support.

I also like the fact that the Chamber provides signposting services to sources of public and private finance. This is particularly handy as it allows us access to the finance sources our clients need.

At its heart however, the Chamber continues to be a business network and as a new business access to the membership gives us excellent opportunities engage with like-minded people and potentially an opportunity for doing business. I'm looking forward to meeting up with the members at future events and in the next couple of months I'm hopeful that we'll be able to present an exclusive Chamber webinar on the business benefits of moving your accounts into ‘the cloud‘.

To mark our membership we are pleased to offer an exclusive member-to-member deal (another benefit of membership): Any member who signs up to any of our packages will receive the first two months free. To take advantage of this offer, please call 01324 464510 or email info@cloudaccountingco.com. Just remember to tell us you're a member and we'll make sure the free period is added to your contract.